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Affordable book edits from an editor with over 2,000 satisfied clients
whose services are recommended by the highly respected Preditors & Editors web site

My fee of 1.5 cents per word is among the lowest you'll find for editors of comparable commercial experience.


Editorial Services recommended by Preditors & Editors

Michael Garrett, one of many book doctors and manuscript editorsWhy MICHAEL GARRETT should be your book editor of choice:

(1) LOW, AFFORDABLE FEE FOR SUCH IMPRESSIVE CREDENTIALS -- My fee is among the lowest of manuscript editors with comparably strong credentials. Feel free to check the competition and see for yourself.

(2) TIMELY RESPONSE; I DON'T KEEP YOU GUESSING -- There's none of that maddening waiting for the results when I'm your manuscript editor. I'll send interim e-mail progress reports, so you'll receive feedback before you receive your hard copy. And turn-around time is typically within two-to-three weeks.

(3) VASTLY IMPROVED MANUSCRIPT IMPROVES YOUR CHANCES OF MAKING A SALE -- By incorporating my suggestions into a thorough rewrite, your manuscript will improve dramatically and will compare far more favorably with publisher standards. You'll make a more positive impression on publishers and readers alike, even if you self-publish.

(4) INTENSIVE EDUCATIONAL VALUE, LIKE HAVING YOUR OWN PRIVATE TUTOR -- You'll gain more knowledge about important characteristics of a marketable manuscript than from any course or seminar anywhere. How? Because the focus here is on your manuscript. In the classroom, you're one of many students. While I'm editing your manuscript, you're my only client. My focus is entirely on where your manuscript needs attention. I've been told by many clients that more knowledge was gained from one of my edits than from years of study.

(5) IMPROVED CREDIBILITY TO MAKE PUBLISHERS AND LITERARY AGENTS TAKE NOTICE -- When you inform a publisher or literary agent that your manuscript has been professionally edited, they'll view you from a more positive perspective. The fact that you were willing to invest in an edit of your manuscript indicates that you're more serious about your work than most other writers, and that can only work in your favor.

(6) PEACE OF MIND IN KNOWING YOU'VE MADE THE RIGHT CHOICE -- My credentials are easy to verify. There's no guesswork involved in determining my qualifications. You won't be left wondering if you hired the right person. Stephen King mentions me by name in his non-fiction book On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft. Also, a quick search of www.amazon.com and a review of this web site will assure you that I've worked with major New York publishers and with major authors, and that my edited books have been published around the world. If you can find a verifiably more qualified manuscript editor who'll work for a lower fee, stop your search now and send your manuscript to that editor!

(7) AN HONEST, BUT CONSTRUCTIVE RESPONSE -- Some book editors love the "power trip" of being excessively critical of a manuscript, essentially ripping it to shreds. My job as your manuscript editor is to be honest, but not brutal. I want you to succeed as a result of my edit. I want you to be published so that you'll send me a copy of your published book. It will hold a special place in my library of other published clients.

When it's time to get
professional feedback,
please keep me in mind.

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Michael Garrett's editorial services are listed
the publishing industry's official directory
of professional resources.

My fee is only 1.5 cents per word (per software word count) plus $30 for return shipping. This averages approximately $3.50 per page in a properly formatted manuscript. (For a 60,000 word manuscript my total fee would be $930.) An additional charge of $50 applies if your edited manuscript is to be shipped outside of the United States. I require no minimum number of pages, but major problems may remain undetected when a manuscript is edited piecemeal.

SAME EXTENSIVE EDIT AT A LOWER PRICE While my fee is lower than that of most manuscript editors with comparable editing experience, the scope of my book edit will be as much or more than theirs. I'll look at your grammar, spelling, and punctuation as well as far more important issues. You'll receive a marked-up manuscript and an extensive report explaining your errors and suggesting ways to improve your novel. Why are my fees lower? I don't have enormous advertising costs that must be recovered through increasing my fee. Neither do I pay someone else to maintain my web site. I do it myself. Also, I don't want everyone's business. I'm selective in what I choose to edit. I'm an honest man who charges what I feel is a fair price. Feel free to pay someone else more, but you won't get a better edit.

What to expect from my edit--You'll know once and for all where your manuscript falls short of publisher and reader expectations. As I examine your book manuscript, I'll clearly mark examples of errors and explain them in an accompanying report. Rarely does a page get past me without receiving at least one mark. My straightforward report upon completion will explain the minor problems, but more important, will expand upon the major issues. The length of my written evaluation depends entirely on the number of problems I've detected and their complexity. My completed reports average as many as thirty single-spaced pages and I typically identify as many as fifty different types of issues scattered throughout your manuscript.

I explain various issues in my report and try to help you understand various concepts. For instance, point of view violations are a common reason for fiction manuscript rejection. I don't just point out that there's a viewpoint problem; I offer a 900+ word explanation of the concept and offer easy to understand examples. As a result, you're not forced to research the concept as you would if an editor only told you that your manuscript has viewpoint problems. My edit clearly provides an education in addition to manuscript mark-up, enabling you to produce a more marketable rewrite.

I also forward e-mail progress reports to you as I proceed through the process; thereby, you don't have to wait until you receive your hard copy to know what's going on.

Contact me! Let's see if we're a good fit!

If your manuscript falls within my area of expertise, I'd like to work with you. I don't want your money if I feel someone else could be a better fit for you. Simply send a brief e-mail description of your manuscript and we'll proceed from there.

To send your description, CLICK HERE!

I prefer to work with serious writers whose intent is to make their manuscript comparable to commercially published works by performing a meticulous line-by-line rewrite following receipt of their edited manuscript. If you intend to only make absent-minded corrections from the marked-up manuscript that I return to you, find someone else to edit your manuscript. I want clients who wish to succeed; after all, your success is a reflection of my expertise. You'll not likely succeed if you're unwilling to learn from this process and condition yourself to spot your own errors, thereby reducing your future dependency upon editors.


In the editorial process, format determines the available white space on a sheet of paper where an editor can make markings and notations. If a potential editor doesn't require a format that maximizes white space, perhaps he/she doesn't intend to make many notations anyway. I have my client in mind when I require a specific format because I want to have space available for markings without squeezing my markings and comments into a restrictive space, plus I don't want my client to suffer eye strain deciphering what I've written in a limited area. A double-spaced 12 pt. Courier or New Courier font extends your page count, but provides ample available space for editorial notations.

If you plan to submit to commercial publishers, they will want your manuscript to look a certain way and are likely to reject it without reading a single word if it doesn't, thereby branding you as an amateur, their thought being that if you were truly serious about your craft, you would take the time in advance to learn what their format specifications actually are. Double-spaced 12 pt. Times New Roman font is almost universally acceptable to publishers.

For self-publication, your publisher will have specific requirements in terms of margins and other layout issues, but will usually allow you to choose font and pitch. A word of caution--don't get cute with fonts! Choose a font that is similar to other published books of like kind. Readers are accustomed to seeing standard fonts, and anything dramatically different can make your print difficult to read.

I'll print your manuscript for you and possibly start your edit sooner!

Depending upon my schedule at the time, I can often begin an edit sooner under the following arrangement:

(1) Send your complete manuscript as an e-mail attachment and I will give you an exact fee quote.

(2) For an additional ten-cents per page I will format your manuscript to basic editorial specifications and print it. (Example: For a 300 page manuscript, this service costs an additional $30, but saves you paper, printing, and shipping costs and gets your manuscript into my hands faster.)

(3) Process your payment through the PayPal option:

I'll confirm receipt of payment is received and let you know when your edit will begin. Credit card payment is also available through PayPal, even if you don't have a PayPal account. Just ask me to send you a PayPal invoice.

Turn-around time varies according to my work load. My services are in great demand, but are well worth the wait. I strongly urge you not to rush the process. Take your time and make sure that your final manuscript reflects the best of your abilities.

Should you prefer to forward your hard copy manuscript with payment by check or money order in American funds only, send to:

Creative Inspirations, Inc.
P.O. Box 362
Clay, AL  35048

NOTE: Unauthorized hard copy may not be accepted.

I prefer to approve an electronic copy prior to committing to an edit, so please get authorization from me by e-mail prior to shipping a manuscript; otherwise, it may be returned unopened.





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"My agent called to tell me we received an offer for a three-book deal from Penguin. Thank you, thank you, thank you, for all the knowledge you passed on to me. I learned so much from you."

                                  Cecy Robson

writing equipment for writers seeking book doctors and manuscript editors to learn how to be published

Unsolicited client endorsements of
Michael Garrett's editorial services :

"You were very thorough and found some errors
that could have caused my novel to be a disaster!
Thank you so much, and
I will definitely be working with you again."

Shashana Page
Redlands, CA

"More than I expected for the money.
Your experience shines and I have learned more
about the craft from one edit than from
the myriad of books that I have read.
I will certainly be a repeat customer."

Jeff Alcorn
Milton, FL

"I can't thank you enough for your hard work on my
behalf. Yes, you got paid, but I think you've
done a superb job. I thank the Lord that I
found you out of the sea of editors."

Martha J. Rigg
Lansing, MI

"I learned more from the final report than I learned
in a four month college course. I want to sincerely thank you.
I'm eager to transform your suggestions into skill
and utilize that skill in my manuscript and future writing."

Falisha Purkiss
Reno, NV

"His ability to find the perfect word, and to separate
wheat from chaff, makes him a terrific editor.
He has a gift for structure and form that most
editors would kill for."

Lori Speegle
Dayton, NV

"No page went unmarked. To top
it off, he gave an overall summary of his thoughts
on my book which affirmed my belief in my
work and encouraged me to remain steadfast."

Shandra Hill
Chattanooga, TN

"Mike, I want to say a big thank you for the great job on my book. You have a wonderful eye for detail, catching things I missed after countless hours of editing."

Henya Drescher
New York, NY

"Michael Garrett's insightful critiques
are skillfully done and completed in record time.
Knowledge of the markets enables him to offer solid
guidance aimed at turning out a salable manuscript."

Susan Parker
Moundsville, WV

"Your instruction is worth its weight in gold to me.
I am so glad I hired you."

Jeanne Webster
Otto, NC

" . . . thank you for all of the great advice and
information you're giving me. I'm so glad I
decided to make the decision to get this
professionally edited."

Rick Dunham
Whitman, MA

"Unlike some who solicit on the net,
you are every bit the professional you advertise."

Richard Leverone
Milford, MA

Strange Bedfellows by Manuscript Editor and Book Doctor Michael Garrett

The Prose Professional by Manuscript Editor and Book Doctor Michael Garrett


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