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The publishing industry was born in 1439 when Gutenberg invented the printing press. From that point forward obvious improvements have been made, but basically bound pages were the primary mode of delivery of the written word to the ultimate reader. The act of holding a book in one's hand and physically turning pages continued for centuries.

With the advent of the eBook format, the entire publishing industry is being revolutionized. It is by far the most dramatic change since 1439. EBooks are selling faster than anyone imagined, and eBook readers have become a standard of gift-giving. The proliferation of eBooks causes us to rethink the entire process, and no one can accurately predict the eventual outcome.


Even authors of eBooks need the services of a professional editor

Why? Because all published books are judged by commercial publishing standards. Don't expect your reader to cut you any slack because you self- published. Regardless of how slick and professional your self-published book may look, it will be judged inferior if it doesn't meet commercial standards.

Why not enlist the services of Stephen King's first editor?

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Publishing an eBook requires minimal expense and your eBook can easily be made available for sale to anyone with Internet access. That may sound like utopia for writers, but it's not. With millions of eBooks crowding the inventory of online sellers, making your eBook stand out from the rest will become more and more challenging.

Develop a sound marketing program for your eBook. Think outside the box. I firmly believe that authors with superior marketing skills will be most successful in this new endeavor. Traditional promotional efforts may likely prove to be completely ineffective.




                  PROCEED WITH CAUTION!

B eware of the services of get-rich-quick enterprises that are poised to take advantage of newcomers to eBooks. Like deceitful print-on-demand publishers who led uninformed newbies that they could build a career from self-publication, certain eBook producers will likely do the same. They'll tell you what you want to hear to entice every dime possible from you. I encourage you to educate yourself every step along the way and take great caution in enlisting the services of outsiders. You'll do a better job yourself, and at far greater expense, because you care about your work more than anyone else.

That being said, you should strive for the highest quality possible when it comes to the text itself. Don't be tempted to cut corners by eliminating the editorial process. A qualified editor will help you know how to improve your work so that, when it's published, it will compare favorably to all commercial efforts. Find an editor whom you can trust and become the best author that you can be.

Should you decide to go to publish an eBook, make your book the very best it can be by obtaining the services of an independent book editor.

I also advise you to take your time and get it right; otherwise, you might embarrass yourself. I've been approached by many clients who have put themselves on a self-imposed deadline. Always allow plenty of time for a thorough rewrite following a manuscript edit. Rushing the process will almost always prove harmful in the long run.

Another tool to help you develop a career as a professional writer is my book, The Prose Professional:

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