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Stephen King's first editor can be YOUR editor, too!
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Website Editing and Site Optimization Services

Creating and maintaining a website is an absolute must for today's businesses. Competition is intense
in our Internet-driven society and websites with strong written content and
high search engine placement will capture the majority of business.




Eliminate redundant words and/or phrases. Watch for “nodded (his head)” or “thought (to himself).” The words in parentheses are redundant and should be omitted. Likewise, there are “lift (up),” “shrugged (his shoulders)” and others that tend to be sore spots for many editors.


Eliminate words that contribute nothing to a sentence’s meaning. One such common word is “that.” Read your sentence without a suspicious word; if the meaning is clear without the suspected word, drop it.


                   Who I Am and What I Offer:

I learned independently how to write and edit my own web pages. Through trial and error I fine-tuned my website until I now consistently place in the top ten Google and Yahoo rankings for my primary search terms. I attract business regularly from around the world for my manuscript editing services (I was Stephen King's first editor) and I'm now marketing my website editing and search optimization skills for special clients.

Neither I nor any other legitimate professional can guarantee that you'll rank in the top ten of any major search engine rankings, therefore my editorial fees are modest. Common sense tells me that if I apply the same editing logic to your site that I incorporate into my own your rankings should increase over time.

Granted, there's a risk involved in paying anyone to fine-tune your website but you'll find me to be an honest man who delivers quality website editing and search engine optimization services.


                            What I Can Do For You

I don't build websites from scratch; I'm not a developer. You'll need to have a website up and running to utilize my services.

I'll fine-tune your website editorially and give your words a professional feel, then I'll recommend search engine optimization changes in line with what I've done with my own website.

Don't expect your website to look dramatically different; search engine optimization is performed with virtual invisibility.

I'm not a slick corporation with lengthy contracts and difficult to understand written agreements. I prefer to do business the simplest, most straightforward way possible.

Neither do I have flashy academic credentials with respect to my website editing services. I learned website development from the ground up. I'm a one-man operation who desperately needed an Internet presence years ago but couldn't afford a professional to design my website. My home-grown website has yielded powerful results over the years.