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Stephen King's first editor can be YOUR editor, too!
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If you're seeking commercial publication, writing is a profession. Had you chosen another carer such as law, you'd attend law school. Education is equally important for the professional writer, but where is such an education available? Colleges teach how to write without regard to how to be published. Learn how to write from college professors; learn the strategy of becoming a published author through a professional edit of your manuscript and by completing my online writing workshops!

You can learn how to write virtually anywhere;
learn how to get published here!


NOTE: I have discontinued all but a few select workshop locations to focus more on my editorial clients; however, I am occasionally available to speak at conferences and writers' groups. If you would like to explore the possibility of having me address your meeting, feel free to contact me.



If you've completed a manuscript and are seeking publication, please consider my editorial services. It's like a one-on-one tutorial relationship where, unlike the classroom, my focus is 100% on you and your manuscript. Learn how to improve your manuscript and make a stronger impression on publishers. For details, CLICK HERE!


An Online Workshop

All you need is e-mail access. No expensive workbooks or software to buy -- no printing of assignments. Transmit your work electronically via e-mail! No rigid timetable. No enrollment deadline. No scheduled classes to attend. You'll receive your lessons and complete your assignments based upon your own schedule, not ours. Take up to a year to complete.

No matter where you live or to what degree "real life" interferes with your writing time, you'll do it your way. All workshops are conducted one-on-one by your instructor, Michael Garrett, in the English language only.

If you're like most beginning novelists, you've carried an idea around for quite some time, but postponed the project from not knowing where to begin. First novels are judged far more harshly by editors than anything written by best-selling authors. Can you actually define the word "novel"? Do you know what constitutes a marketable first novel? Even if you've already completed your novel, STARTING YOUR NOVEL will provide tremendous insight into an effective rewrite!

This seven-session online workshop offers a personalized approach to get you started on the right track, preparing you to begin what should be one of the most highly rewarding experiences of your life.








Everyone has a story to tell, some of which could be tomorrow’s best-sellers. Do you have what it takes to sell your manuscripts? All best-selling authors had to start somewhere; a number of them, in fact, never wrote fiction of any kind prior to retirement. Whether you write short stories or novels, or have even yet to begin, this workshop provides the direction you’ll need to pursue publication. Taught by a professional editor who’s worked with such noted authors as Stephen King and Joyce Carol Oates, this workshop teaches the bare basics of writing to sell and presents an opportunity to meet other students who are also just starting out on this exciting endeavor.

One Session,Two-to-Three Hours



Most short story and novel submissions are rejected within the first few pages, regardless of how many were submitted. Editors rarely read every word, and rejection slips seldom explain Instructor of writing workshops, writing seminars, writing courses, writing classes and writers workshopswhy your manuscript fell short. Here's an opportunity to sit face-to-face with a professional fiction editor who’s worked with such noted authors as Stephen King, Joyce Carol Oates, Lawrence Block and others as he evaluates your submission. You’ll be surprised as minor mistakes in your writing, likely the source of manuscript rejection, are constructively pointed out to you. If you prefer not to have your own writing reviewed, you'll benefit by listening to other critiques.

Discussions include:

• How editors evaluate submissions

• The importance of making a strong first impression

• Placement of essential manuscript ingredients

Don’t avoid feedback! You’ll be amazed at the degree by which it will improve your writing.

One Session, Two-to-Three Hours


Traditionally, self-publication, or the “Vanity Press,” has been frowned upon for all but the most ambitious non-fiction writers. Today, however, with the advent of print-on-demand publishing, self-publication has become a low-cost solution for many writers who wish to target a small specific audience and maintain complete control over their finished books. With as little as a $500 investment, your professional-quality book can be available for sale, but beware of the misleading promises of certain print-on-demand publishers. You could be wasting your money. Discover if your book is right for self-publication and what you can realistically expect or decide if you should pursue traditional publishers instead.

Find a location convenient to you!

writing equipment for writers seeking book doctors and manuscript editors to learn how to be published



Writing a marketable novel requires far more than basic writing skills. Like movies, effective novels must be skillfully directed and be properly focused. New writers are heavily judged by the opening pages of their novels. If a demonstrated Instructor of writing workshops, writing seminars, writing courses, writing classes and writers workshopsunderstanding of the necessary components of a marketable first novel is not reflected starting with page one, line one, your novel is likely to be rejected.
Here is a hands-on workshop designed to help you get off to a great start. You’ll work on the opening page of your novel, receive feedback from the instructor, learn from the instructor’s feedback to other students, then rewrite for more feedback. With a strong beginning behind you, the rest of your novel will be far easier to write.

             One Session,Two-to-Three Hours


What does it take to become a published author? Like any other profession, becoming a professInstructor of writing workshops, writing seminars, writing courses, writing classes and writers workshopsional writer requires a career plan. Where should your initial focus lie to meet your goal of publication? Success as a writer requires far more than just sitting at the keyboard. Learn the keys to success in today’s competitive publishing industry, including marketing techniques that move you closer to publication. Your manuscript could be the greatest of its kind ever written, but if you don’t know how to get it into the hands of someone who can buy it, it will never sell. Taught by a professional editor and internationally published author, HOW TO BECOME A PUBLISHED AUTHOR discloses:

• How to keep your submissions out of the editor’s “slush pile”

• How to overcome "writer's block"

• How to get editors to ask for your submission

• And much, much more!

If you’ve already completed your novel, use what you’ll learn to produce a more marketable rewrite.

One Session, Three Hours

Find a location convenient to you!


Writing a novel requires an enormous investment of time; however, specific techniques can make the task far more manageable. CREATING YOUR NOVEL offers a step-by-step methodology to help Instructor of writing workshops, writing seminars, writing courses, writing classes and writers workshopsyou produce a marketable first novel. Under the guidance of a professional editor and internationally published author, you’ll create a cast of characters, formulate a novel outline, decide which point of view and structural form are most appropriate and develop a specific marketing plan. Demonstrated techniques are easily adaptable to your own work, regardless of your category of interest. You’ll learn:

How to create realistic characters

What is the universal “formula” for a successful first novel

How to target specific publishers before you even start writing

You’ll meet other local writers with similar interests, pick up valuable pointers and challenge your imagination as well.

One Session, Three Hours

Find a location convenient to you!


The HOW TO BE PUBLISHED workshops are listed in SHAWGUIDES, the industry's most comprehensive listing of writing conferences and workshops.

They are also listed in THE LITERARY MARKETPLACE, the publishing industry's official directory of professional resources.