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I'm often asked to recommend specific products, and have always been happy to oblige. Keep in mind that the words expressed below represent one person's opinion only. I'm not in the product evaluation business, and I didn't perform in-depth analysis of all named packages; neither do I receive any "kickbacks" from the respective manufacturers. However, I never recommend anything without at least trying it. And I don't endorse everything that I try.

Here goes:

Book Doctors

Be careful whom you choose! Hiring a book doctor could be your best decision or your greatest waste of money. Review my recommendations first! CLICK HERE!

Word Processors

Microsoft Word is my choice, even though WordPerfect is known to provide excellent results as well. Word can do anything I’ve ever needed, and it’s easy to learn. Once you’re thoroughly familiar with it, you can customize the menu bar to include buttons for the features you use most.

I learned to appreciate Word even more while working on a team project with three other writers. We all used Word and routinely attached files to e-mails we transmitted back and forth. There was never a compatibility problem, and my writing friends and I were tremendously pleased with the reliability and flexibility of Word.

You can’t go wrong with WordPerfect, either, but if given a choice, I recommend Word.


Sol Stein's WritePro and more advanced Fiction Master are impressive hands-on training tools to help you learn effective writing techniques. Write Pro helps solve a major problem I often find in manuscripts -- good, solid writing that doesn't say anything.

One of the biggest problems I've witnessed among writing friends over the years is a tendency to concentrate 100% on improving the craft of their writing while ignoring the presentation of the storyline itself. No matter how well you can write, you've got to have an interesting story to tell if you want to sell fiction. WritePro/Fiction Master coaches you and prods you into thinking your story through more specifically, to give it more depth.


If you have a problem with wordiness or using stilted business/technical terms, Word Dog will sniff them out for you and suggest simpler alternatives.


A dictionary is a dictionary, right? Wrong! The Merriam-Webster dictionary and thesaurus from IFINGER.COM makes the process of looking up words as easy as pointing the cursor. Some real time-savers here!

Grammar Reference

I've found Grammar Slammer Deluxe to be an excellent, easy-to-use reference for even some of the most difficult usage questions of the English language. It isn't a grammar checker; it's a reference only.


While self-publication has been considerably misinterpreted in the past, the advent of print-on-demand publishing offers a unique low-cost alternative for many writers. Self-publication may not be for everyone, but if you're inclined to check out this option, I suggest that you investigate the following:


Elderberry Press


Jemdam Publishing




101 Writing Answers
A directory of writing resources
THE place to find writing resources
on the Internet or to showcase your own resource

Affordable Colleges Online
Educational resource for English and the Humanities

ALS Translation Services
Translation Services

 Australian College of Journalism

Online writing and communication courses

Author! Author!
Collection of authors and books
from the Gulf Coast of Florida

The news, information, and marketing community
for editors, literary agents, and writers

BeTranslated Translation Services
Translation service

Children's Book Insider
Interested in writing for children?
Here's a terrific resource!

Dark Echo
A site for horror writers

Daydreams Online Magazine
Daydreams is a magazine for the young creative
writer, composed entirely of stories, poems,
art, and other features by young (6th grade through College) writers and artists. Daydreams offers
Scholarships to those with excellent
writing abilities.

Elements of Style
Complete text of this indispensable English language reference for writers

A nice resource for unpublished writers

Gothic Journal
A site for writers and publishers of romantic
suspense, romantic mystery, and gothic,
supernatural, and woman-in-jeopardy
romance novels

For horror writers

(International Standard Book Number)

Kim Komando
A terrific source of computer advice
to keep your system running smoothly

Learn English
Comprehensive resource
for studying English online

Learn English Online
Free courses and materials
for learning English

Literary Agents
Top choices, including addresses

Literary Agent News
Hot literary agents & agent news

Manuscript Critique
Editorial Services of Michael Garrett

Fiction writing, resume writing, letter writing,
business writing, and writing software of every type
to improve your writing at affordable prices.

  Open Colleges Writing Courses

Australian distance and online learning for writers

Page One
Lots of helpful info here

Perfect Editing
Corrects and edits English grammar, punctuation,
spelling, links and a lot more for mainly web sites,
letters, applications, CVs / resumes,
advertisements, manuals/ brochures, e-newsletters
and e-mail messages.

Pif's Pilot
A terrific literary search engine

Preditors & Editors
Here it is, folks -- reliable references for
the good, the bad and the ugly!

Find local tutors

An online community for writers


Professional Organizations

American Christian Writers
Horror Writers Association
Mystery Writers of America
Romance Writers of America
Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America
Society of Children's Book Writers & Illustrators
Western Writers of America

Publicity Insider
Some great self-promotion tips here!

Razan Club For Creative Writing
A Kuwaiti site supporting talent and encouraging
creative individuals with prizes for special work

Russian Translation USA
Translation services in all major areas
between Russian and English

Comprehensive listing of upcoming
events for writers

Shore Duty
Writing how-to's and workshop
from a syndicated columnist

Tag, You're It!
Would you like to participate with other writers
online in a fun tag-team approach to writing?
Here's the place to go!

Time To Write!
Solid advice for new writers from a
seasoned pro


Trade Schools & Technical Vocational Colleges
Online directory of trade schools, technical and vocational schools, career colleges, training
institutes and online degree programs

Translation Agency
New Zealand Translation Company -
Translation Services

Lingo24 Translations
High quality translation services between
all major world languages.

Some helpful info here
should you decide to self-publish


USA Today Book Shelf Section
A quick and concise way to keep apprised of
the latest developments in the publishing
industry, including a best-seller list based
on sales rather than orders

The Writer

Since 1887, The Writer has been America's
essential resource for writers. The magazine covers a broad range of writing fields and provides
support, motivation and instruction to
writers of all levels.

Writer's Digest

The world's most famous magazine for writers
has developed an impressive Internet presence

The Writer's Nook News
Lots of nice tidbits for writers

Writer's Resources

Agents, ideas, tips, and more

Writing For Money

A great informational resource for serious
writers pursuing their craft as a career

Zuzu's Petals Literary Resource

All kinds of great stuff here!